Earth.Org for Kids

Earth.Org wants to educate the next generation to be more mindful of the choices they make and how they will affect the future of the planet. That’s why we have created the Earth.Org for Kids platform.

Earth.Org for Kids has been created with your children in mind, aiming to help educate future environmental leaders through insightful, relevant and easy-to-digest articles about one of the most pressing issues of our time: the climate crisis.

A child’s world is filled with excitement, with new people to meet, new places to see, and new concepts to grasp. As their curiosity grows, so too does their willingness to know more about the world. You naturally want your children to become more aware of the world around them and teach them the key issues of our time, but typical news sites can be overwhelming for them, cramming as much information onto a single page as possible.

This is where we come in – Earth.Org for kids will teach your children all they need to know about the climate crisis, from simple concepts to more complex issues. We are looking to provide what schools and children need- a centralised digital platform where your child’s personal learning journey begins. Our site is easy to navigate and extremely convenient.

To keep kids engaged, our editors have put together a carefully curated range of unbiased and fact-based environmental news that makes serious events and pressing issues easily digestible for children. Not only is Earth.Org for Kids a good platform for youngsters to develop their reading and comprehension skills, but it also aids in increasing their attention span and cognitive skills. Most importantly, you, as a parent, can use this resource to inform and educate your kids about the most relevant and critical issue of our time- the climate crisis.

Earth.Org strongly believes in the future generation, who will pave the way in creating a better tomorrow. Taking children’s civic development into consideration, we aim to provide them with the means of developing an ongoing interest in the world and enable them to make better decisions, leading to the long term welfare of human society. Our articles will be specifically tailored towards the younger generation, filled with simple yet reliable and relevant information that anyone can understand. With our wide range of topics, every kid will be able to tap into their area of interest- be it biodiversity conservation, deterioration of the ecosystem or how to live sustainably!

Let’s enlighten the next generation together through Earth.Org for Kids!

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