Global Ambassadors

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of different you want to make.” – Dr. Jane Goodall, Scientist & Activist  


Around the globe, (young) people are sounding the alarm on climate change and environmental issues by organising rallies and confronting policymakers. Young activists are increasingly leading the push to address climate change. But are they listened to? 

The Earth.Org Global Ambassadors Programme is an initiative that brings activists of all ages together and amplifies the voices of (young) people who are fighting for climate justice and action.

The science is clear that we need to act now. And to do so, the adults in positions of power will have to listen to people around them and the population that will live with the consequences. 

Earth.Org fully supports the climate change movement. Our Global Ambassadors Programme welcomes all activists around the globe that are fighting the climate change war and are dedicated to uniting in the fight to change the system, combating climate change, and saving our planet. 

We will invite (young) activists from all geographic areas and across all environmental topics, such as: Oceans, Wildlife, Plastic Pollution, Climate Change, Zero Waste, Social Justice etc.. Each ambassador inspires and influences people all around the world with their passion, movement and unique spirits. We want to give them a platform to spread their important message. Together we can stir action and make a big impact. 


Earth.Org will offer Global Ambassadors the following*:

●   Listed on the Global Ambassador page

●   In-dept interview

●   Event invitations 

●   Spokesperson on behalf of Earth.Org 

●   Quotes in articles 

●   Original backlinks to your website / profile / cause 

* please note that all ambassadors will remain independent and have no obligations whatsoever


Do you want to be a part of this global network of thought leaders, join us in the fight against the climate crisis and reach global audiences? Write to us at