A healthy, happy and thriving Planet

The EO Vision

A world where human society develops the maturity to manage ourselves, the planet, its natural resources, and global commons for multi-generational benefit, equity, and free of human-induced cruelty for all life on the planet. 

The EO Mission

To affect societal change so that life can be made sustainable on this planet. To be a voice, a lifeline, a place of sanity in a world of increasing chaos. To grow a Movement to energise 300 million activists to help drive change across the world. 

What We Believe In:

1. One Earth

  • Humans have evolved to live on this planet – life on other planets, while technically possible, is undesirable, unhealthy and constrained 
  • We must look after our Planet – it is built for a good life, but we are destroying it

2. Longtermism

  • We must prioritise improving the long-term future
  • It is all about effective altruism and serves as a primary motivation for efforts to reduce existential risks to humanity
  • Governments and society needs to consider the next 100 or 200 years (the timespan your grandchildren will likely experience first-hand) in all big decisions, and gaze more frequently 500 years ahead 

3. Fair society 

  • Society needs to put in place well-directed institutions that have the power to avoid bad value lock in
  • Inequity is a form of cruelty. An advanced society strives to eliminate cruelty in all its forms
  • The Planet belongs to everyone and whoever damages it must be held accountable for it

We Engage, Inform, Educate and Advocate

We engage on the topic of change with our audience, and via active outreach campaigns with NGOs, Writers, Data Scientists, Economists, Podcasters, Photographers and Activist groups to grow the network of change-makers.

We inform via web publishing of news, explainer articles that are easily found online by anyone looking for well written answers to their questions and concerns about the environment and the solutions that can be adopted. In 2024, we will be launching Earth.Radio, a 24-hour global talk radio station.

We educate our younger audience via kids.earth.org. We believe that the fate of Earth lies in the hands of the future generations and we aim to educate and inform children of all ages about what is happening to the world they will inherit. We explain what is happening to our planet and environment and discuss the solutions that can be adopted in a way that can inspire the younger generation to take action.

We advocate for change to address the bad design of modern economic, social and environmental policies brought by a political class that fails to think long-term and always puts financial and personal interests first.

We Advocate for structural change:

  • Put forward ideas for better design of political structures.
  • Adopt the concept of Longtermism in governments by the tasking Ministers for Future Generations with considering policy through the lens of the interests of future generations.
  • Policy changes that lead to better, fairer world.
  • Protection of the natural environment to save what is left and restore ecosystems wherever possible.
  • Better design of Socio, Economic & Environmental Policies.
  • Radically change the industries that are rapidly deteriorating our Planet: Transportation, Energy, Infrastructure. 

How can we achieve these key goals?

By eliminating:

  • The burning of fossil fuels
  • Thoughtless use of plastics
  • Current socio-economic systems
  • Dangerous militarisation
  • Short-term thinking in government decision-making
  • Excessive consumption and pointless competition
  • Overexploitation of natural resources
  • Human over-expansion

How specifically?

  • Carbon levy (tax neutral) to bring CO2 ppm back to 300
  • Effective global carbon market
  • True cost product levy (includes true cost of disposal or recycling), a ban of single use plastics
  • Globally Vital Biospheres Protection Agency
  • Banning of political donations by corporates
  • Introducing a Minister or Department in governments to ensure inter-generational long-term considerations are taken into account
  • Introducing a Minister of Existential Risks
  • Extinction fund per endangered animal (as an animal gets rarer, the funds available to prevent its extinction increase)

How Can You Help Us Achieve These Goals?