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Meet the Earth.Org Team 

Constant Tedder is the founder of Earth.Org, with over 20 years of experience in building successful organisations in Europe and Asia. As a passionate entrepreneur Constant co-founded Jagex Ltd in 2001, developer/publisher of RuneScape; the Hive in 2011 - Asia's leading co-working brand, now part of The Flexi Group. Constant now spends all his entrepreneurial energy building FlyFarm - Asia's leading Black Soldier Fly Agri-tech company to address the twin challenges of organic waste bioconversion and sustainable protein production with cutting edge robotics, automation and sensor driven system software. With Earth.Org, Constant aims to build a platform for encouraging activism to address the climate and biodiversity crisis. Earth.Org aim through clear reporting and thinking is to build movement of activists who seek reform to the way our societies are organised to promote well being, happiness, equity and a sustainable future.
Jershon is Earth.Org's social media intern. He is a dedicated and ambitious individual who constantly seeks new challenges outside of his comfort zone to better himself. His burning passion for personal growth led him to pursue a BBA degree at Hong Kong's City University. Born and raised in Indonesia, he plans to leverage his work experiences to excel in his career. He yearns to explore opportunities and make valuable contributions to a dynamic and high-performing team.
Martina is an Italian journalist and editor living in Hong Kong with experience in climate change reporting and sustainability. She is currently the Managing Editor at Earth.Org and Kids.Earth.Org. Before moving to Asia, she worked in Vienna at the United Nations Global Communication Department and in Italy as a reporter at a local newspaper. She holds two BA degrees, in Translation/Interpreting Studies and Journalism, and an MA in International Development from the University of Vienna.

Contributing Writers

Amish Chhagan is a Zambia-raised, award-winning wildlife and conservation photographer based out of Barcelona, Spain. Growing up in Zambia, he was fortunate to be in close proximity to the African flora and fauna. His role as a wildlife photographer exists because there are beautiful and spectacular moments to capture in the wild, but an important duty exists to preserve and conserve the wilderness and its natural habitat. This gives him a bigger sense of responsibility as a human and photographer to use his work to showcase the beauty of the once-abundant wildlife we had on the planet. Amish recently joined the EO Photographer community.
Andrea Gori is an entrepreneur & global expert in sustainability, green tech and energy transition. He is the founder & "Chief Earth Officer" (CEO) of illuminem.com. Previously, he served as BCG's Global Green Champion, delivering projects on sustainable investments around the world. He has been awarded one of Italy's Leading Innovators of 2023 and Angel List’s Top Startups in Europe.
Anna Kolendo has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Asia Pacific Studies from the University of Central Lancashire. Previously working as a research assistant for the Insititute for the Study of the Asia Pacific (ISAP), Anna developed her passion for climate change and environmental studies. She is currently conducting her PhD that focuses on socio-religious climate change perspectives in the Pacific Islands. Hoping to raise awareness of the consequences of climate change in the Pacific, Anna is representing this region as an Island Innovation Ambassador 2023.
Annie is a freelance writer based in the UK. She has written for a variety of prestigious online and print publications. She specialises in lifestyle, business, branding, digital marketing and HR.
Aparna is an enthralling and compelling storyteller with deep knowledge and expertise in creating analytical, research-depth content. She is a passionate content creator who focuses on B2B content that simplifies and resonates with readers across several sectors including automotive, marketing, technology, and more. She understands the importance of researching and tailoring content that connects with the audience. When she’s not writing, Aparna can be found in the cracks of novels and crime series, plotting the next word scrupulously.
April Miller is a senior writer at ReHack Magazine with a passion for topics surrounding green technology. She aims to shine a light on the environmental issues surrounding the technology sector and educate consumers on how to make the wisest environmental choices with the technology they use.
Arushi Arora is a recent graduate of FLAME University, Pune. She holds a bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics, with a minor specialisation in Environmental Studies. She is now heading back to FLAME for their Scholars Program and aims to pursue a Master's degree in Ecological Modelling next year. Meanwhile, she's using her time to explore her interests in varied fields, from Statistical Modelling to Conservation Biology. When she's not engrossed in intense reading, she likes to let loose through some friendly badminton and Taylor Swift hits.
Ashlee is an experienced writer with a diverse skill set and a deliberate approach to all types of writing. She is predominantly involved in the fields of economics, sustainable development, environmental studies, and politics. She is also a strong advocate for human rights, especially for those whose voices have gone unheard. Ashlee derives gratification from dedicating her time to thoroughly exploring and deepening her knowledge in specific areas, as she firmly clings to the belief that knowledge is power.
Assaf Levy is the Founder & CEO of BioDB.com - a group tasked with collecting conservation data, raising awareness for biodiversity loss and fundraising.
Aysha is a freelance environmental journalist. She writes on anything and everything about people, the environment, and climate in Asia. On the side, she creates info-entertainment content on Instagram (@theclimategaze) on climate change and the environment in Tamil, to bring awareness towards environmental and climate issues for her community.


Ben is co-founder and CTO at Zapmap, an e-mobility company based in the UK. He has spent more than 20 years promoting the transition to electric vehicles, first conducting research on automotive corporate strategy, then as an independent consultant, and now as part of a rapidly growing data company. Ben also holds a Research Fellowship at INTI International University in Malaysia, where he is developing research on the technological and social responses to the climate crisis.
Benjamin is an undergraduate student at the Higher School of Economics, where he is pursuing his degree in international relations. Passionate about and committed to environmental sustainability, he researches and writes on pressing environmental issues to raise awareness and contribute to meaningful change.
Carolyn Kousky is Associate Vice President for Economics and Policy at Environmental Defense Fund. Dr. Kousky’s research examines multiple aspects of climate risk management and policy approaches for increasing resilience. She is the author of Understanding Disaster Insurance: New Tools for a More Resilient Future and an editor of A Blueprint for Coastal Adaptation. She has published numerous articles, reports, and book chapters on the economics and policy of climate risk and disaster insurance and she is routinely cited in media outlets. She has a BS in Earth Systems from Stanford University and a PhD in Public Policy from Harvard University.
Caterina works in Corporate and Public Affairs in Beijing, China. She is passionate about corporate sustainability and exploring the geopolitical dimension of environmental issues. She holds a master’s degree in International Relations from Peking University and has conducted research at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Caterina volunteers for The Climate Mobilization, working with regional advocacy groups based in the United States.
Charlie Fletcher is a freelance writer from the lovely “city of trees”- Boise, Idaho. Her love of writing pairs with her passion for social activism and search for the truth.
Charlotte is a sustainability consultant based in London, helping clients to save carbon and enhance biodiversity. She graduated in 2020 with a degree in Environmental Science from The University of Nottingham, where she spent a semester studying in Malaysia. Her interests lie in biodiversity conservation, wildlife trade and climate change.
Chris Hocknell is the Founder and CEO of Eight Versa, a sustainability consultancy.
Christiana is a contributing writer at Earth.org. Working in nature-based climate solutions she helps find tangible solutions for industry. Obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Physical Geography from the University of Victoria has driven her to create environmental solutions for a better future.
Christina is a Copywriter from Canada with a Master of Arts in Sociology from Queen’s University. As a social science graduate, Christina is immensely passionate about society and culture, consumer behaviour trends, environmental sustainability, and human rights advocacy. With 7+ years of proficiency in written communication, qualitative research, and critical thinking skills, Christina strives to make a meaningful difference through crafting compelling narratives and impactful content. In her leisure time, Christina enjoys watching history documentaries, reading inspirational books, and immersing herself in the serenity of nature.
Ciara Varley has a bachelor's degree in Biotechnology and a master's degree in Climate Action, Sustainability and Science Communication. She has previous experience in science and sustainability communication and engagement. Currently, she works as a fundraising and communications officer for two research organisations focused on agroecological transitions of food systems. Her interests include sustainable fashion, food systems and bio-integrated design.
Clara Steel is an aspiring wildlife conservationist with a background in law. After graduating from university and dabbling in the culinary industry, she discovered her passion for conservation and environmental sustainability. Having completed courses in animal behaviour, marine ecology and conservation research, she hopes to continue her education in zoology to one day work in wildlife rehabilitation centres.
Curtis is a Research Analyst at Peace Generation (Hong Kong). He completed his MPhil in Knowledge, Power and Politics in Education at the University of Cambridge, where he also did his undergraduate degree in Education Policy and International Development. His research revolves around issues in education, exploring how education can promote equality, democracy, peace and climate justice in different contexts around the world.
Dave Simms, a California native, is a man of many passions. As a partner in Speciologie, he champions the cause of endangered species by focusing awareness on recently lost species. He finds joy in sharing time and adventures with his two daughters and loves to get on the pitch as a US nationally licensed soccer coach. A seasoned bass player, he reveled in and weathered the storm of the punk movement of the late 70s and 80s, still rocking on in musical projects today.
Denisa is a sustainability consultant based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She holds two Master degrees, one in Environmental Management and one in Environmental Sustainability. She loves reading about environmental issues and success stories and writes about them to help others see and understand the issues surrounding us that we tend to overlook.
Dr. Dugald Reid is a project leader within the global research project, Enabling Nutrient Symbioses in Agriculture (ENSA). His research focuses on understanding the development and control of nitrogen fixing root nodules in legumes. His group has a strong emphasis on hormone signalling, including developing genetic resources to study hormone signalling in the model legume Lotus japonicus.
Dylan Stoll has a BSc. in Biology and has been writing professionally for approximately four years, covering a wide range of scientific topics including health, biology, biochemistry, and environmental biology. With the ongoing climate crisis looming at our doors, Dylan has decided to direct most of his attention towards writing about climate change and sustainability topics, however he can also be found writing dystopian science-fiction novellas, or reading up on what’s fascinating and new in science.
Edwin is a filmmaker and journalist based in Hong Kong. Before starting his own bespoke video production company, Fallout Media in 2012, Edwin previously held positions at Asia Television, South China Morning Post and the Wall Street Journal. He is also the co-founder and Media Director at Sight to Sky. Combining a passion for story-telling and high visual aesthetics, he has produced and worked on many films, short films, TV programmes, documentaries and commercials. However his experience working with charities and NGOs helped direct his creative energies to promote social causes by harnessing the power of media. Edwin also collaborates with fellow charities For Good Company, The Chain Reaction Project, and Mercy Relief.
Emma O’Dell is Director of Client Capability at BPP. She previously worked in the Financial Services and Legal sectors across a range of HR, Early Career, Talent and Learning and Development roles. She is responsible for helping organisations understand current and future capability needs across their business.
Erin Lorde is a freelance writer with a degree in English Language & Literature. Her passion for the environment developed after years of travelling and seeing all corners of the world, covering six continents to date. When she's not writing, you will find her hiking through the countryside or streaming wildlife documentaries.


Eva Zabey leads Business for Nature, a global coalition aiming to unify the business voice to call for action to reverse nature loss and restore the planet’s vital natural systems on which economies, wellbeing and prosperity depend. Previously, Eva led multiple projects at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) for 15 years, including leading work on natural, social and human capital measurement, valuation for business decision-making towards integrated performance management, and reporting for investors. She led the development of the Natural Capital Protocol on behalf of the Natural Capital Coalition, as well as the establishment of the new Social and Human Capital Coalition.
Evan is currently a master’s student in the International Master’s Program in Asia-Pacific Studies (IMAS) at National Chengchi University in Taipei. He is researching how government policy impacts the semiconductor industry’s transition to renewable energy in Taiwan. In addition to energy transitions, Evan’s research interests include energy security, climate policy, and international relations. Evan holds a BA in History from Bard College.


Eve is a contributing writer based in Dublin, Ireland. She holds a bachelor’s degree in law from University College Cork and a master’s degree in Public International Law from Utrecht University specialising in the Environment, the Oceans and Sustainability. Her interests include carrying out research on legislation and policy development relating to climate change, environmental degradation, biodiversity and sustainability.
Fiona is a contributing writer hailing from Andorra. With a MSc in Climate Change from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark and a Bachelor's degree in Global Studies from UPF in Barcelona, she brings a diverse academic background to her work. She has a particular interest in climate change adaptation strategies in mountain areas and is passionate about research. She also possesses experience in carbon emission calculations, further enhancing her expertise in environmental issues. With her unique background and passion for sustainability, she is dedicated to raising awareness and finding solutions to the challenges posed by climate change.
Geetika Singh is an ardent environmentalist with a Bachelor's degree in Zoology from the esteemed University of Delhi, India. She is presently pursuing her Master's degree in Environmental Management from the distinguished University School of Environment Management, GGSIPU, India. Geetika's unwavering dedication is centred on tackling crucial environmental issues such as climate change and promoting sustainability.
Giovanni Prete is a communicator, writer, creator, actor and environmental advocate. He is Greek, Italian and Canadian and currently spends his time between Canada, Greece and California. He has worked in the area of communications and media for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), UNESCO, the Embassy of Greece in London, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF), the Hellenic Initiative Canada and All For Blue Organisation. He has also served in the Hellenic Army for one year, specifically at NATO’s base in Greece. He holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in English Literature and Film Studies from the University of Leeds, a Master of Arts in History from University College London and a Graduate Diploma in Communications Management from McGill University. Since 2021, he has founded and currently leads a volunteer team in his hometown island of Corfu, which organizes beach and underwater cleanups. His efforts have received significant media and public support, and has represented his advocacy in major UN events across the world.
Guillemette is a French nature conservationist with a background in ecological sciences. She has experience in field work in Ecuador investigating the social implication of environmental conservation in the Global South. She currently works in London as an analyst on climate change and carbon finance projects. Her interests lie in environmental sciences and the social implications of conservation.
Hania Othman is Director of Sustainable Impact Europe/Africa at The HBAR Foundation. She spent her career enabling companies to design and build solutions that will enable the next-gen economy, through sustainability and digital transformation. She has a strong background in advisory for blockchain, nature-based solutions, innovative finance, and risk management.
Hayley is based in New England and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies at the University of Connecticut. She enjoys researching and writing on a wide range of topics in her spare time, and is extremely passionate about marine conservation, renewable energy sources, and environmental justice throughout her work and career path.
Founded in 2015, Hong Kong Free Press (HKFP) is an impartial, non-profit, award-winning English-language newspaper.
Horace has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and Government from Bowdoin College. He has worked on environmental issues for nonprofits, the private sector and governments. His interests include international climate policy, environmental politics and sustainable development.
Hsiang holds a master’s degree in Energy Policy from the University of Sussex. She is currently working in education and has academic experience in Taiwan and the UK. She is passionate about climate justice and the policies needed to achieve a just energy transition. Her interests also include renewable energy, sustainability, and policymaking.
Jack McGovan is a freelance writer based in Berlin, covering climate, politics and animals.
James Chabin is a M.A. Candidate at Nagoya University's Graduate School of International Development in Nagoya, Japan and an intern with the SDG Academy of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network. He has written on sustainability, development, and military restraint for several publications, including the Diplomat, Inkstick, and Global Americans. You can follow him on X at @JamesChabin.
Jane works as the founder and editor-in-chief of Environment.co. She specialises in covering topics in sustainability, renewable energy and environmental policy.
Jeanine Tajeddine holds an Honours Bachelor of Applied Science in Justice Studies, a Diploma in Community and Justice Services, and a Journalism Graduate Certificate. She strives to raise awareness of underreported issues, and provide actionable steps to enact change.
Jessica is a storyteller and multimedia journalist. Specialising in environment, news, and investigative journalism, she uses the power of storytelling to uncover hidden truths and shed light on today’s global issues.
Juan is a freelance, science journalist based in Spain. He's editor of the environmental newsletter Planeta Mauna Loa and he regularly writes for the news outlets Climática and La Marea, where he covers topics related to the climate and biodiversity crisis. He has also written for El Pais, La Vanguardia and Faro de Vigo and he regularly makes contributions for universities, science institutions and companies working on the fields of science and environment.
Karnik Aswani, a data science and engineering management enthusiast with dual master's degrees and a strong background in engineering and science. Proficient in analytics techniques, he aims to merge his diverse skills in data science, engineering, and business to drive innovation and success as an aspiring entrepreneur.
Kartik is a climate change campaigner based in Bengaluru, India, working at a non-profit advocacy group. After four years in regulatory affairs at an investment bank, he shifted his focus to public policy, driven by his passion for environmental issues. Starting in September 2024, Kartik will pursue an MPA from the London School of Economics. He has a keen interest in public policy and sustainable practices, particularly in the Global South.
Katarina is an advocate for environmental sustainability, interested in advancing the solutions and strategies needed to tackle our climate crisis and collaborating with diverse teams to achieve those solutions. She is currently pursuing a MA in Economics with Environmental Studies (Sustainable Development) at the University of Edinburgh and University of Melbourne, where she is studying and researching a broad range of subjects including Economics, Anthropology, Statistics, Politics and how they intersect with sustainability issues. She recently joined Earth.Org as a Policy & Environmental Economics Intern, to increase coverage environmental issues facing our planet and the economic and policy solutions to combat them.


Kaz is excited about the advances in science and engineering that are used to help solve our most challenging problem as a species: a changing climate. He combines his interest in climate tech with a knack for storytelling to write about food waste, decarbonisation of the built environment, and the latest breakthroughs in space.
Kristina Leontjevaite is a dedicated PhD student in Environmental Science and Health at Technological University Dublin, with a passion for understanding the intricate relationship between air quality and mental health. Armed with an honours bachelor's degree in Environmental Health and a diploma in Food Science and Management, Kristina brings a diverse range of skills and knowledge to her research. Her interests span a wide spectrum, including air quality, mental health, environmental psychology, environmental protection and management, waste control, food safety, and health and safety.
Laura is a professor of environmental law at the University of Costa Rica. She has a master’s degree in environmental law from said university and an LLM in energy and natural resources law from Queen Mary University of London. A firm believer in the democratisation of knowledge, she writes to convey information about environmental matters in the best way possible for everyone. Some of Laura’s topics of interest are public participation, access to information, the climate crisis, energy justice, nature-based solutions, soils’ carbon-capture potential, rewilding and regenerative farming.


Lou is a recent graduate from the University of Warwick with an MA in International Relations. Having written much on the issue of climate justice and the equity of present international climate action throughout her degree, she is hoping to further her passion through a future career in environmental advocacy.
Louisa Rothmer loves expressing herself through writing and educating people about sustainability. She is particularly interested in the intersection of social and environmental issues, animal rights and how we can all do our part in creating a more sustainable world. Louisa holds a BA in Communication Science from University of Vienna and a MSSc in Sustainable Communication from Jönköping University.
Maisie Kemp is a final year geography student at University College London. She has gained work experience alongside her degree in the sustainability field, with a particular interest in business and the environment, as well as conservation and sustainable living. Her passions for geography are focused on the interactions between the environment and society.
María is passionate about disseminating information in an accessible and compelling way, and she is particularly interested in the intersection between environmental and social issues. She holds a research master's degree in Arts, Media and Literary Studies from the University of Groningen (with a specialization in migration literature) and a bachelor's degree in Hispanic Language and Literature from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. She has experience writing, editing and translating.
Marion is a writer and researcher based in Paris. She holds a MSc in Environmental Law and Policy from the Institute of Political Studies of Toulouse, as well as a MSc in Agroecology and Ecosystem Management from Paris Saclay University. She has a background working on sustainable farming and food systems transformation with environmental NGOs. Though she’s interested in a wide range of topics, she particularly loves writing about biodiversity conservation, environmental justice and the many entanglements between human and non-human worlds. When she’s not writing, Marion can often be found sketching, hiking, travelling on the train or learning about all creatures big and small.
Massimiliano Saltori is a freelance journalist and science communicator based in Germany. He writes, among others, about technology, energy, society, and politics.
Michael is a MSc student in a joint program between University College Dublin and Justus Liebig University, studying global change: ecosystem science and policy. He also holds two bachelor’s degrees in environmental science and policy, as well as integrative animal biology from the University of South Florida. Michael has a strong veterinary background, working hands on in marine and wildlife rehabilitation for several years. He has also completed research with the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute and other conservation organizations in the United States. His interests include habitats and biodiversity, environmental economics and policy, sustainable development, pollution, and environmental degradation focusing on deforestation.
Mitota is an Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) Specialist passionate about sustainability. With a first degree in Industrial Safety and Environmental Technology, he has over 4 years of experience implementing EHS and quality management systems across industries. He Loves to volunteer for youth-led sustainability initiatives. With interests in Environmental sustainability, climate change, Energy, health, and safety, he actively writes on these topics to share insights.
Monique Moate is a writer, editor, and woman of colour living in the Sydney region. She enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics.
Nida Sheikh is a social innovator, a researcher and the CEO of Tayaba Welfare International Association (Tayaba), where she has led efforts to provide clean water and sanitation resources to over half a million people in rural Pakistan. Nida is also a One Young World Ambassador, a global community of youth leaders dedicated to building a better future, and has been recognised as one of the top 10 winners of the prestigious One Young World LEAD2030 programme - a $500,000 fund and initiative for leading businesses with a mission to accelerate solutions for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Nikita holds an Economics degree from the University of Edinburgh, currently working in Edinburgh. She is particularly interested in understanding and writing about the social impact of policy and achieving sustainable economic growth.
Orkhan Huseynli is a freelance science and environmental writer. His academic journey has encompassed fields such as Public Administration, Management, and Economics, culminating in a master's degree in Environmental Economics and a Ph.D. specialization in Industrial Management. Transitioning from a career in IT, Orkhan is now dedicated to pursuing his passion for science and popular science writing. Orkhan is keen to contribute his writing skills to the world of articles and essays, covering topics like Climate Change, Biodiversity, Environmental Economics, Ecology, Paleoscience, and Environmental Politics. For him, the prospect of writing for scientific outlets represents a chance to share his knowledge and raise awareness about crucial scientific advancements, fulfilling his aspiration to engage with a broader readership.
Pam Ferris-Olson has a Ph.D. in Leadership and Change from Antioch University and master’s degrees in Biology and Natural Resource Science. She has studied ocean creatures, worked in communications, and now focuses on the relationship between women, water, and communication, specifically the connection between the work of artivists and their impact in influencing change. She is founder of Women Mind the Water and host of the Women Mind the Water Artivist Series podcast. Her work is deeply personal and conveys a passion for the ocean. Pam believes in the value of collaboration and promotes collaborations that celebrate and foster respect for the ocean and each other.
Dr. Peter P. Marra is the Dean of the Earth Commons—Georgetown's Institute for the Environment and Sustainability—and Laudato Si’ Professor of Biology and the Environment. His transformative work—including quantifying the loss of 3 billion birds from North America, the impacts of climate change, the astounding ecological destruction of outdoor cats and emerging diseases such as West Nile virus—explores the interaction between humans and our environment and poses critical questions to humanity about the environmental costs of urbanization and globalization.
Piers Burnfield-Wiebe is currently completing a combined honours BA in Sustainability and International Development Studies at Dalhousie University and is passionate about pursuing a postgraduate degree in the field of health and the environment.


Ram Ramprasad a sustainability advocate has frequently contributed to magazines in India. He has experience, as a Global Marketing Director for a Fortune 100 company in the USA. He holds degrees from Yale University, USA, and Madras University, India.
Robert Lee is a Gates Millennium Scholar who graduated cum laude from New York University. Coming from a humble background, he is committed to doing all he can to help those in need. At NYU, Robert worked on a club called Two Birds One Stone which delivers leftover dining hall food to homeless shelters. Over the four years that Robert was a part of this organization, he learned best practices of operations in delivering food, fostered relationships within the industry, and honed volunteer management skills. During Robert’s three years as president, he has helped the organization receive the NYU Green Grant for the best green initiative on campus and led volunteers to deliver over 12,000 pounds of food. After graduating, Robert worked at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. before continuing his passion of helping the hungry and reducing wasted food by co-founding Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, Inc.
Roos is a Dutch diplomat working at the economic & climate policy department at the Netherlands embassy in Tokyo, Japan. She holds two BA degrees (in social sciences and law) and two MAs (in international law and linguistics, rhetoric & argumentation). Before her current job, Roos had her own consultancy company for several years, advising, doing research, and lecturing on the topics of persuasion, framing, nudging, cognitive linguistics, negotiation tactics and social psychology. Her interests include environmental policies, environmental law, environmental communication, nature-based ecological innovations, recycling & circular economy, animal conservation, reforestation and landscape restoration. The views expressed in her articles are solely her own and do not express the views of her employer.
Sajina is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Public Policy and Management at the City University of Hong Kong. She is an editorial intern at Earth.Org. Driven by her passion for creating a sustainable future, her areas of interest include the intersection of public policy and sustainable development, plastic pollution, minimalist lifestyle, education, and various other topics. Sajina aims to inspire individuals to create positive changes that benefit both society and the planet. She recently joined the Earth.Org team as Editorial Intern.


Sam Markert is a volunteer writer, concerned in finding the path to sustainability while preserving wild places and biodiversity. Dedicating his professional life to improving integrated healthcare systems, Sam is also a recent graduate of the University of Edinburgh with a MSc in International Development.
Samatha is a storyteller and a communications strategist from India. Coming from a rural southern region of the country, she's always been passionate about causes such as climate, civic participation and gender. She currently supports Mindworks Lab with their communications and engagement. She has previously worked for non-profits on education, mental health, identity and youth development. She hopes to build herself as an expert in building movements through normative and narrative communication strategies.
Sean Bradley is a Sustainable Urban Designer focused on the development of healthy, socially cohesive neighbourhoods that act as the core of future sustainable cities. He is the CLEVER Cities Programme Manager for Groundwork London leading the community-based approaches for the collaborative design and implementation of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) that bring multiple benefits to communities and ecosystems.
Shachi is a general management and strategy professional currently employed with a global MNC. At the moment, she in the process of discovering how climate change would impact our lives and the potential mechanisms for businesses to play a central role in mitigation and adaptation.
Shachii is the dedicated Coordinator at the Gujarat Research Society, an educational trust that runs JML School and Bloomingdales Pre-Primary in Mumbai. With a bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering and an MBA in Management Information Systems, she brings a unique blend of logical expertise and managerial skills to her role. Beyond her professional pursuits, Shachii is passionate about enhancing K-12 education, constantly seeking ways to make learning more engaging and impactful. Her creative flair extends to being an author, crafting an assortment of children's stories, poems, plays, puzzles, activities, limericks, and jokes. Driven by a genuine love for education and a knack for storytelling, she seamlessly weaves innovation and imagination into both her professional and literary endeavours.
Shanthi is a current international faculty member, and an editorial board member for UNESCO’s chair in bioethics where she develops and teaches courses and publishes scientific articles in law, human rights and philosophy. Some of the modules she leads include human genome editing (Crispr), nanotechnology, corporate social responsibility, human rights, international laws, interdisciplinary bioethics, AI, and philosophy.
Sherman Tsui is an incoming, first-year law student at the University of Ottawa. He is a graduate of the City University of Hong Kong with a bachelor in Criminology and Human Rights Law. He has previously worked as a research assistant at the World Wide Fund HK, and has done considerable research in both environmental and legal fields. His research interests at Earth.Org lie mainly in sustainable development and biodiversity.
Sherwood Hines grew up on a cattle and hog farm in eastern Ontario (now a sanctuary for rescued horses) which he returns to whenever he can. His career (Toronto, Chicago) is in homeless youth trauma therapy and addiction counseling. He has been researching the implications of our addiction to meat over the past five years.
Simon Walker has a bachelor’s degree in History from Cardiff University, UK. He is currently based in Melbourne, Australia, and is working alongside fellow environmentalists on a community radio station encouraging climate action. Research interests include biodiversity and conservation, animal welfare, and plastic pollution.
Sophie McLean, an international student with academic experience in Canada, the UK, and Hong Kong, has gained invaluable exposure to diverse perspectives on environmental issues. She is set to graduate this summer from McGill University with a BA in Philosophy and a minor in Political Science, having completed a semester abroad at the University of Bristol. Sophie's passion for environmental advocacy has led her to pursue a Law degree at the University of Cambridge this fall, where she hopes to gain the expertise necessary to create a real impact in the field. Sophie's interests lie in staying updated on new scientific developments, green technology, and environmental policies.
Steve Clem is Senior Vice President of Sustainability at Skanska USA Building, one of the world’s largest development and construction companies. Clem is responsible for setting and achieving Skanska’s decarbonization goals in the United States and works with construction teams to identify sustainable procurement solutions for clients. Clem has over 26 years of experience in the construction industry and has authored multiple cost studies that demystify the adoption of environmentally preferable construction strategies.
Steve Gillman is a sustainable business consultant and supports businesses, NGOs and government organisations in advancing their combined economic, environmental and social performance.
Subhan Abdullah, a passionate and dedicated sustainability writer, is deeply committed to raising awareness and driving positive change on critical environmental issues. With a background in writing and a strong affinity for environmental sustainability, Subhan brings a unique blend of creativity and expertise to the field.His writing is characterized by its ability to communicate complex environmental concepts in a clear and engaging manner. In addition to his writing prowess, Subhan holds a degree in software engineering, which adds another dimension to his contributions. He's actively contributing his skills to various sustainable projects, further solidifying his commitment to environmental causes.
Suchita is a writer and editor, with her recent work covering domains such as technology, innovation, and marketing - delivering what influences the market landscape. She passionately reads fiction and writes on innovation, to create the perfect blend of content that resonates with market influencers with a hint of a creative approach. Today, her passion for work integrates her skills seamlessly into content syndication, consumed by a global audience influencing thoughts across technology and marketing niches. When off the clock, she likes to spend her days buried in her novels or questing around for good food.
Sushree is a freelance content writer based in Atlanta, USA. She specializes in environmental sustainability, renewable energy, climate change, corporate social responsibility and the Internet of Things. A Mechanical Engineer by trade, Sushree moved to the environmental sustainability realm early in her career and completed a Post Graduation Diploma in Rural Development. She enjoys working in the convergence of nature and technology, converting complex concepts into simple conversational content. You can read her other stories at https://purpletreewrites.com.
Currently an undergraduate of European Studies at the Hong Kong Baptist University and about to pursue a master’s degree in Political Science at Sciences Po Lyon, Tin Lok is interested in researching environmental issues from a relatively conservative perspective, hoping to incorporate the voices of everybody on the political spectrum into the debate.


Tom Magnuson is passionate about making our world a better place through community. He holds a M.S. degree from Prescott College in Resilient and Sustainable Communities where he learned about place-based living, sustainable economic development, energy and food systems, and resiliency practices. Tom helps properties reduce their carbon footprint through energy consulting in renewable energy and sustainable tech. Tom is a lifelong learner and loves investigating stories to share with the world.


Tom works at RUSI, the world’s oldest defence and security think-tank. He holds a MSc in Conflict Studies from the London School of Economics and a United Nations SDG Academy qualification in Environmental Security and Peacebuilding.
Trevor Greene is a journalist, best-selling author and Afghan War veteran. He was serving with the Canadian Army in Kandahar in 2006 when he suffered a severe brain injury in an axe attack. He has written six books, starting in 2001 with Bad Date; The Lost Girls of Vancouver’s Low Track, the story of the missing prostitutes of the Downtown Eastside. His bestselling memoir, March Forth, was published in 2010 by HarperCollins. He is working on a second edition of his most recent book, There is no Planet B; Promise and Peril on Our Warming World, covers the good and bad aspects of the climate crisis. Greene lives in British Columbia with his wife, son and daughter.
Utku Kuran was born in Turkey in 1994. He obtained a master’s degree in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science at Lund University in 2021. His main work focuses on topics related to climate change, biodiversity loss, social-ecological system dynamics, and community-based conservation initiatives. As part of his academic work, he focuses on producing documentaries, photo stories, and popular science pieces.
Vera is an Environmental Studies undergraduate at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Her interests lie in biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. She is also exploring coding and data analytics, in hopes of using such skills to support the environment sector in future.
Verity believes in the power of community in tackling climate change, and the need for clear and informative climate news. She is a recent graduate from the University of Oxford in French and Linguistics and looking to pursue a masters in climate policy. Her interests include the intersection of social and climate issues, confronting fast fashion and the global industrial food system.
Visakha is pursuing her Masters in Development Studies from the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati and has completed her Bachelors in International Relations. Her interest areas are environmental economics, climate justice and the circular economy. She is passionate about devising inclusive policies for sustainable development.
Vivian Polar is the gender research coordinator and acting leader of the social and nutritional sciences division at CGIAR’s International Potato Center (CIP).
Wilson is a current PhD student at the Department of Meteorology, University of Reading. He holds a BSc. in Physical Geography and a MSc. in Climate Change from University College London (UCL). He is particularly interested in the impacts of climate change on freshwater resources. His current research focuses on quantifying past and future risks of hydrological drought.
Yat Ho Yiu is a student of Philosophy at Durham University in the UK. He conducts research and writes extensively on climate change and pollution to raise awareness about environmental issues among the millennial generation.
Liao Er Dong is currently an undergraduate student majoring in Environmental Studies in Hong Kong, minoring in Urban Sustainability. Her research interests centred around geography, spatial science, and climate change. She hopes to devote herself to environmental journalism after pursuing a master's degree in the future

Data Science Team

Andrew is a Data Scientist based in the UK. Get in touch if you're interested in using machine learning and data analysis for environmental sustainability, land justice and social good! Follow me on Twitter @andrewwango or check out my website at andrewwango.github.io
Finley Robins is a machine learning engineer with a passion for storytelling using impactful visualisations. He is a strong advocate for using technology to help tackle climate change, conservation, and health issues and values NGO contributions to these fields. As a recent graduate from the University of Sheffield, Finley is well-prepared to begin a meaningful career that makes a positive impact.
Fred has a Masters in Data Science & Machine Learning along with 8 years experience working in industry, including experience with Supply Chain and 2 years as a Data Analytics Engineer. He's a strong advocate for combatting the climate crisis and enjoys investing his time into learning and using data in an impactful way. In his spare time Fred gets his energy from a cold swim in the sea, or playing a long board game with friends.
Ifunanya is a graduate of electronic engineering and a MEXT scholar. She served as the vice president of finance for both Nigerian Universities Engineering Student Association(NUESA) at the University of Nigeria(UNN) and the Association of African Students at the University of Tsukuba(AASUT). She is passionate about the unwavering power of data and desires to help people manage and leverage data effectively.
Originally from Argentina, Maria Belen Giraudo Velez, known as Belu, is currently located in San Francisco, California. Belu has a deep affinity for non-profit organisations and helping the world be a better place. She is working at Whipped Up, a startup with a mission to make food more sustainable by reducing waste. Outside of work, she enjoys paragliding, rock climbing, and being in nature. She's excited to be part of EO and help make this planet more sustainable!
Minh Nguyen is a graduate from the University of Toronto where he studied Mathematics and minored in Philosophy. He has extensive experience in data storytelling and report writing from his undergraduate coursework and extracurriculars. After a short stint in pension administration, he has decided to expand the breadth of his skills to learn more about the world around him. Thus, he hopes to learn and contribute as much as he can to the Earth.Org team!
Nayana is an Analyst at the American Red Cross and has successfully undertaken projects for Public Health and California Wildfire Prevention Team. She holds a Bachelor degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. A semifinalist at the International Poetry Competition by Poetry Nation of Veterans by Eber and Wein, she has published a poem in the anthology ‘Quilted Voices’. She has an interest in painting and photography and is passionate about serving the world through humanity and compassion.
Tianyue is a Master in Public Policy candidate at Harvard Kennedy School. She has worked in International Fund for Agricultural Development, World Food Programme and The Nature Conservancy. She is passionate about climate policy, international development and quantitative methods. She feels excited about joining the team and learning more about modeling.


Tom Wainwright has an MSc in Environmental Science from the University of York and an MPhil in Paleoclimatology from the University of Cambridge. He is interested in the effects of human and natural climate change on modern-day and historical societies and is especially passionate about understanding increased weather extremes and contextualising background climate variability. He hopes to perform doctoral research in these areas. In his spare time, Tom is an avid Reader (mainly non-fiction) and enjoys Hiking, Cycling, and playing Squash.
William is the Data Science and Visualisation lead at Earth.Org. He originates from South Africa where he has worked for the United Nations Information Centre as well as for UNICEF. He has ever since worked as a Data Scientist, Analyst, Engineer as well as Governance for the past 10 years. He has worked in several different countries such as New Zealand, the USA, England, Singapore, and Hong Kong, helping different corporates, NGOs as well as the Public Sector in using data to drive operations (“Make data work for you”).


Abbie Franklin is an English Literature graduate from Glasgow University. She keeps finding herself working for companies that are building toward an eco-friendly, sustainable future – she suspects this must be the only way forward. She is currently a volunteer editor at Earth.Org.
Richard is the volunteer Business Development and Partnership Outreach Manager for Earth.Org. He is a student at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) with a passion and interest in the international ESG and sustainability sector. He is committed to contributing to Earth.org's mission with his skills and motivation.

Former Team Members

Adam Asmat has a bachelor's degree in Zoology from the University of Manchester, where he was an editor for the university's zoology newsletter. After having worked as an Urban Ranger, working to conserve and restore wildlife around Manchester, he is now undertaking a marine research internship at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology in Japan. His interests include conservation, climate activism, and welfare biology.
Adele Liu Kramber is a senior at New York University Shanghai, majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Journalism. She has been working with various environmental organizations in the United States and China as a researcher. Her current projects include in-depth research on the environmental history of Shanghai.
Jessica is a freelance broadcast journalist with over ten years' experience in TV, radio and online journalism. She is a Gender and Health correspondent for Pan African Vision in Washington DC, a correspondent for Scientific African Magazine in South Africa and a correspondent for West Africa Democracy Radio in Senegal. Jessica has previously worked as an anchor at various Ghanain TV stations and a producer and sub-editor.
Alexander Pham is a graduate with a bachelor's degree in political science from Wilfrid Laurier University and a master's degree in international public policy from the Balsillie School of International Affairs. Previously, he worked as a research fellow for Global Affairs Canada, writing and presenting a policy brief in a team of other fellows. His research interests lie in environmental policy, regarding issues such as clean energy, carbon pricing, climate justice, green economies, and sustainable development.
Alexandra Holland conducted her PhD research at the Bristol Glaciology Center at the University of Bristol, England, where she investigated biogeochemical interactions in surface ice environments of Arctic glaciers and ice sheets. Her passions revolve around research and conservation in the polar regions as they are highly vulnerable to the current changing climate. She loves sharing her passion with others and being able to connect the public to current research through clear and engaging communication, with the hope of inspiring others to live sustainably and help in the fight against climate change.
Alex brings over 10 years of experience in data science and statistical analysis, having worked in the private sector with Scotiabank and RBC on predictive models for expected credit loss. Currently, she works for the government of Ontario, Canada, as a Senior Analyst in the Enterprise Data Analytics department at the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. Her educational foundation lies in an MSc in Data Science from Toronto Metropolitan University and an MA in Economics from the University of Waterloo. She enjoys working in the public sector and is passionate about data science and evidence-based policies.
Alice Kong is currently a summer intern at Earth.Org after her first year of education at the University of Hong Kong pursuing a Bachelor of Journalism and Media Studies. She has an interest in the editorial industry and commentary on environmental and political issues as well as local news reporting in Hong Kong. Seeing her being in the journalism industry in the future, she hopes to communicate thought-provoking and underrepresented ideas throughout her news reporting and storytelling.
A budding writer and a bibliophile by nature, Alisha has been honing her skills in market research and the B2B domain for a while now. She writes on topics that deal with innovation, technology, or even the latest insights into the market. She is passionate about what she pens down and strives for perfection. An MBA holder in marketing, she has the tenacity to deal with any given topic with much enthusiasm and zeal. When switching off from her work mode, she loves to read or sketch.
Alokya Kanungo is a content writer and nature photographer from India with an ongoing Ph.D. in "Scientific Correlation between the Impact of Climate Change on Soil Health and Sustainable Agriculture" from K.I.I.T. University and an M.Phil. in Geography. She is an expert in environmental research and policymaking. Former Research Associate and Content Writer, contributing to various environmental projects. Loves to capture the beauty of nature to inspire positive change. Committed to promoting environmental conservation through captivating photography and insightful content.
Amali de Alwis is CEO at Subak, the world’s first not-for-profit accelerator that scales climate impact through data, policy and behaviour change. An experienced leader across entrepreneurial and corporate sectors, Amali previously held roles including as MD of Microsoft for Startups UK and CEO of Code First: Girls. Outside of the day job Amali is a Board member at Ada National College for Digital Skills, the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and Unboxed 2022.


Andrea is the former Social Media Intern at Earth.Org. She is driven by her commitment to social responsibility and her passion for making a positive difference in the world. Today, Andrea is actively engaged in her studies, working towards obtaining a degree in Media and Communications at the City University of Hong Kong. With a creative mindset and a strong understanding of effective communication strategies, she is eager to apply her skills and contribute to Earth.Org's mission.
Angelica Beier is an International Media and Communications graduate from the University of Nottingham. Having experience in driving online engagement through social media platforms, she wishes to further her skills by implementing social media strategies to support the objectives of this NGO's mission statement. She worked as Earth.Org's Content and Social Media Intern.
Angus Forbes was the first director of the Prince’s Rainforest Project, founded the not-for-profit Bankers without Boundaries (bwbuk.org) and has founded the Global Planet Authority movement (www.globalplanetauthorty.com).
Annanya is currently an Editorial Intern at Earth.org. She is pursuing her bachelors in social sciences at City University of Hong Kong, in Politics and Public Policy as an international student from India. Her interests include policymaking, political-economy, environmental politics, and geo-politics.
Aphra is an MSc student at the University of Sussex in the Science and Technology Policy program, with another degree in Chemistry from Georgetown University. Her interests include learning about emerging green technologies and the intersection of innovation policy with the environment.
Arpita Dasgupta is a doctoral student at Centre for Environmental Science and Engineering (CESE), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay. Her educational qualification includes a Master of Technology (M. Tech) in Environmental Biotechnology from Jadavpur University, Kolkata and a Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) in Biotechnology from Anna University, Chennai. Her research interests lie in the field of environmental biotechnology and microbiology, waste and wastewater treatment, ecology and biodiversity conservation.
Arti Roshan Soni is a doctoral student at Centre for Environmental Science and Engineering (CESE), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mumbai, India. She holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering from the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Karnataka. Her research interests include climate change, transport engineering, and wastewater treatment. She can be contacted at arti[at]earth.org.
Ashaq is a communications advisor to a2i, a special program in the Bangladeshi government that catalyzes citizen-friendly public service innovations simplifying government and bringing it closer to people. He is also founder of the lead academy.
Balša Dragović is a graduate of Harvard College, where he studied History and Science with a focus on Environmental Science and Public Policy. Since completing his studies, he has been playing basketball professionally in various European countries. His research interests include biodiversity, conservation, and climate change, especially on the Balkan Peninsula.
Basudev Mahapatra is a senior journalist based in Bhubaneswar, India. He frequently writes on the environment, agricultural biodiversity, and livelihood issues for a number of national and international publications. He can be contacted at basudev[at]earth.org.
Björn is a freelance science journalist at Essen in Germany. He has studied biotechnology at TU Brunswick, FHTG Mannheim, and University of Sydney. Björn used to report about all fields of life sciences and biosciences, but has shifted his focus to climate change and the transformation to a sustainable life and economy. In his spare time he likes to hike, climb, and play board games.


Bon Lau is a MSc graduate at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in Environmental Science and Management. He is currently working as an environmental consultant in supporting green building design and certification. His particular interest focus on building sustainability, ocean science, and environmental health.
Caitlyn is the current Social Media Coordinator at Earth.Org. With a strong passion for social media and its potential to connect people and share important information, she has embraced this vital role with unwavering commitment. Presently, Caitlyn is pursuing her degree in Media and Communications at the City University of Hong Kong. By employing her knowledge and skills in media and communications, she effectively curates and shares engaging content to raise awareness about environmental issues and inspire action through Earth.Org.
Callie Radke Stevens is a writer based in Phoenix, Arizona with a background working with global development NGOs. She has a keen interest in climate solutions like regenerative food systems and repair work, and she holds a Master’s degree from University College London in Environment, Politics, and Society.
Carla Delgado is a health and science journalist with bylines in Popular Science, Discover Magazine, and Observer.
Carlin is a writer based in Washington, D.C. with experience in humanitarian reporting that has spanned conflicts and climate-related shocks across the world. Her research interests include the growing role of climate change in humanitarian crises and response efforts. She holds a degree in Development Management from the London School of Economics.
Carole Saint-Laurent is a co-founder of the Bonn Challenge and serves as Head of The Bonn Challenge Secretariat. With more than 30 years of experience in environmental policy and program development and management at the national and international levels, she has also acted as an adviser to the UN Department of Environmental and Social Affairs and the private sector on a range of related issues to sustainable development. Carole currently serves as the Head of the Forest and Grassland team in the Centre for Conservation Action at IUCN.
Charlie is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Hong Kong. Majoring in Economics, she is interested in how public policies can be used to solve environmental problems, and how individuals can make a difference within the scope of microeconomics. After interning as a contributing writer for Earth.Org, she now works with the Data Team in creating data visualization and models building to provide data solutions to environmental problems.
Charmaine Kong is a final-year student pursuing a double major in English Studies and General Linguistics at the University of Hong Kong. As an editorial contributor and a research volunteer at Earth.Org, she is interested in transposing satellite information into compelling narratives from novel and fresh perspectives. With prior experience in developing news platforms, she believes in the power of storytelling and is determined to ignite readers' interest in global environmental issues.
Chloe Lam is a BA graduate in Geography (Environment & Sustainability) from the University of British Columbia. Her aspiration is to integrate the delivery of environmental solutions with the help of effective geospatial data visualisation. She is currently pursuing an Advanced Diploma in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at the British Columbia Institute of Technology and is volunteering at Earth.Org as a research contributor. Her interests include climate change, environmental justice, and sustainability.
Claudia Chow is a recent postgraduate of Science, Technology and Society studies at UCL with a background in Biochemistry from Imperial College. Previously a writer at Hive Life, she now writes about the relationship between human agency and its environmental consequences and has an interest in how science is communicated to the public, social justice and policy.
Claudia Lee is a Freelance Sustainability Writer and Sustainability Consultant. Claudia has a degree from the University of Hong Kong and is founder and host of podcast ‘Up to Some Good’, a podcast spotlighting change makers using their platforms as a force for food. She is currently based in the UK and has a particular interest in Sustainable Food Systems and food-related supply chains.
Daisy is a masters student in MSc Environment, Politics & Society at University College London, with a BA Geography degree from University of Plymouth. She is also on the organising committee for the 2020 Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (UK). Her research interests include environmental philosophy and ethics, conservation, justice and policy, with a specific focus on China.
Dàlia is a Biomedical Sciences undergraduate student at the University of Dundee, and she is currently taking part in an Industrial Placement as a Junior Science Communicator at the European Science Communication Institute (ESCI). She also collaborates with the Science Journal for Kids and Teens, an online science magazine featuring freely downloadable peer-reviewed research papers rewritten in age-appropriate language, and is a member of the Oxford University Press Bioscience Student Panel. Find her on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/d%C3%A0lia-puig-8414661a1/
Daniel Kaul is the founder of Natucate, an agency specialised in the organisation of selected projects for nature travel, wilderness experiences, voluntary work, internships and sabbaticals.
Daniela Jerónimo counts thirteen years of experience in Fundraising and Marketing in the Non-Profit sector. She has a degree in Political Science and International Relations, she founded her own environmental startup in Hong Kong - Zustain Limited. She is a sustainability advocate, passionate about protecting the planet and motivating people to drive positive change. Head of Business Development & Operations she joined this NGO to develop and grow it into an impactful movement of people with meaningful partnerships and sustainable financial support.
Daphna Nissenbaum is the CEO and co-founder of TIPA, a leading developer and manufacturer of compostable packaging. Founded in Israel in 2012, the company's packaging solutions are currently being implemented worldwide by leading global brands in Europe, Australia and the United States. Nissenbaum has a master's degree from IDC Herzliya and bachelor's degree from Bar Ilan University.
Debbie is an experienced writer with more than 11 years’ experience in the creative and writing industries. Currently working for Affinity Agency, she works with a range of clients in the environmental, lifestyle and business industries. Her main goal is to help people learn, develop and thrive through well-researched and informative content.
Deena was previously a journalist in South Africa and before that, dabbled in radio and print journalism in Australia. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and Criminology and has a passion for the environment and how it intersects with social issues. As Managing Editor at Earth.Org, she is responsible for the articles on the website and helping to steer the editorial vision of the publication.
Denise is an undergraduate student at the University of Hong Kong, majoring in Journalism and Marketing. She joined Earth.Org in June 2023 for a Summer Editorial Internship. She is passionate about leveraging effective communication to raise awareness of different social issues. She is interested in combatting environmental issues, particularly those involving the oceans and animals.
Devan works as a Campaigns Associate for the wildlife conservation and animal welfare organization Born Free USA to fight against the exploitation of wild animals in captivity. Before achieving her MSc in Primate Conservation in 2019 at Oxford Brookes University, she worked for several years as a Primate Caregiver and Veterinary Assistant at the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary in south Texas. In her current position, she researches and writes reports on target issues including the private trade of wild animals, wild animals in captivity, effects of social media on wild animals, the fur trade, and trapping. She increases public awareness on these issues by campaigning on various platforms, including social media, blog posts, and podcasts.
Dhanada K Mishra has a Ph.D. in civil engineering from the University of Michigan and is a professor in the eastern province of Odisha in India. He is currently visiting the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology as a Research Scholar working in the subject of green construction materials. He has a strong professional interest in the environment, sustainability, climate science and ethics in technology. He supports movements against climate change, corruption and those promoting decentralised governance and green economic policy. He has been writing regularly on these and related topics in leading newspapers and periodicals in India both in his mother tongue Odiya and English. Some of the publications that have carried his columns are Sambad, Samadrusti, and Bhumi in Odiya and Orissa Post, OdishaPlus and Business Today in English, as well as Hong Kong Free Press in Hong Kong. He is also a founding member of Extinction Rebellion Hong Kong.
Fanny has a PhD in Biotechnology and deep experience in Nanotechnology, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Process Scale-up. As the Process Technical Leader for billion-dollar FMCG brands, she has been instrumental in the launch of 200+ new innovative products. Her entrepreneurial ventures include cofounding startups in biotech, cosmeceuticals, and social platforms, with her latest venture being SupraCool Cooling Fabrics (SupraCool.com). As a passionate advocate for sustainable science, Fanny also cofounded Green Your Lab (GreenYourLab.org), a global initiative that promotes eco-friendly practices in the scientific community. In her off-hours, you will find her volunteering at the local soup kitchen, organising activities for refugees, traveling, or trying to learn a new skill.
Edric is an MSc postgraduate in Environmental Science and Management at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He researched environmental policies and management systems to combat concerns on the environment. Previously, he gained exposure to the perils of climate change on the environment in his BSc degree in Physical Geography at the University of Toronto, which developed his interest in spreading awareness of the importance of sustainability, resource conservation, and emerging environmental issues.
Emily is passionate about helping people learn about the latest sustainability, conservation and green technology news. She studied Professional Writing at Elizabethtown College and is the creator of Conservation Folks, writing about topics ranging from wildlife news to understanding what type of renewable energy to install in your home.
Emma joined Earth. Org as an intern in 2022 and she is also a third-year communication and journalism student at the University of Hong Kong. She is curious-minded and passionate about sharing insightful contents with a particular focus across lifestyle, culture and sustainability.
Felix Leung is a postdoctoral researcher and a scientist at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His research focuses on the impact of anthropogenic activities such as air pollution and urbanisation on ecosystems and the environment. He is well-versed in ecology, environmental biology, conservation, geography, and climate change science. An eco-tourism enthusiast, Felix has traveled to seven continents visiting more than 50 countries and regions.
Fern holds a M(Ed) for Literature and is a former lecturer for Literature and current affairs. She also taught Geography, and wrote for a geographic magazine. Her most recent work has taken her around the Asia Pacific region for prison and children's ministry. Passionate about nature, Fern volunteers locally in Singapore doing coastal surveys, outreach, community gardening, education, and caring for animals.
Films for the Earth is the most comprehensive curated film database and streaming platform for sustainability films in the world. It has more than 300 documentaries on sustainability, ecology, nature and wildlife that can be watched directly online.
FLAME University is the pioneer of liberal education in India, delivering the country’s premier interdisciplinary education experience. It is driven to being one of India’s most respected and reputed centres of learning - the premier destination of choice for higher education in the nation for learners and teachers, to push the design and nature of studies and to create a societal up-gradation phenomenon, particularly in the fields of liberal education and leadership.
Floortje van der Grinten is a Dutch MBA graduate, passionate about the environment and dedicated to lead the push to address climate change. With previous work experiences at the Boston Consulting Group and CITIC Telecom, she is now focused on helping this NGO grow as Managing Director, with the aim to stir action and make a big impact.
A member of ISKCON’s Governing Body Commission, he is actively involved in enhancing leadership effectiveness and governance of temples and communities globally. Owing to his expertise of presenting Vedic Knowledge in a contemporary and enticing way, he has spoken in TEDx events and corporations like Intel, Salesforce, Google etc. He has shed light on the importance of sustainable development and CSR activities. He is the Director, Strategy & Communications of Govardhan Eco Village- International Society for Krishna Consciousness. The eco- village is a testament to the powers of Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation to bring about transformative change. Led by the principles of humility and sustainability their mission is to serve and propagate the benefits of India’s age old traditions to the whole world.
Haley is an emergency department nurse in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She graduated with her Bachelors of Science in Biobehavioral Health from the Pennsylvania State University and her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Drexel University. Haley is particularly interested in the intersection of science, health and environment.
Hamza Badamasi is a freelance environmental journalist and researcher with over three years experience in environmental journalism and more than eight years experience in climate change and pollution research. He obtained a bachelor's degree in industrial chemistry and a master's degree in analytical/environmental chemistry from Bayero University, Kano. He also holds diplomas in international environmental law and governance and an international legal framework on pollution from InforMEA, the UN Environmental Law and Conventions portal. He is the editor of the EcoNewsNigeria blog and the founder of Climate Change and Environmental Rights Awareness (CCERA). Hamza is deeply committed to fighting climate change and raising awareness about it. He is also advocate for a pollution-free world.
Hanna is a Senior Environmental Underwriter responsible for analyzing the risk of historical contamination and future pollution events at commercial properties. An avid outdoorswoman and nature lover with a degree in Environmental Studies, her life's mission is to raise awareness and spread environmentalism. As a freelance writer, she seeks to increase environmental literacy and encourage a societal shift toward sustainability. She also leads public hikes for the San Diego Natural History Museum sharing ecological information intended to bring attention to marginalized groups, increase community connection to nature, and promote public-lands conservation.
Heloise is pursuing a joint major in Philosophy and Economics at Science Po University, La Sorbonne in Paris and at Columbia University in New York City. Her studies focus on environmental dynamics, environmental policy, green innovation, and environmental ethics. She is interested in exploring the links between the aggravating climate crisis and its impact on society, and she hopes to become part of the solution. She can be contacted at heloise[at]earth.org.
Hiu-Yan Cheng is a certified Sustainability Professional (GRI) with an MSc Marketing degree from King’s College London, who is based in Zurich, Switzerland. Motivated to align business and finance with sustainability, she has worked with the Tech industry on strategies and enjoys writing about sustainability-inspired business models, climate risks and opportunities, and organisational impact management. She now serves at the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative as an intern.
Imelda Lo graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School, York University in 2017 with a Juris Doctor in Law. Passionate about the intersection of law, ethics, and environmentalism, she works as a freelance writer, artist, blogger and podcaster. She is also interested in story-telling mediums that explore character psychology and development - check out her writing and art portfolio at https://www.imeldawdlo.com/.
Íñigo Barasoain Echepare is a Telecommunication Systems Engineer with a MSc. in Mathematical and Computational Engineering. Currently, he is a PhD student at Tecnun, University of Navarra, and a fourth-year Bachelor’s student of Mathematics (UNED). His current research includes matrix analysis applied to statistical signal processing and information theory.


Ira is a management consultant. After working for a number of years with A.T Kearney, she is now working freelance as a consultant and is also an editorial contributor to Earth.org. She is passionate about wildlife conservation and about finding implementable solutions to combat climate change effectively.
Jangira Lewis currently works as a Secondary School English Teacher in Hong Kong. Born and raised in Luton, she graduated with a Masters degree in International Journalism from the University of Leeds. Her interests lie in geo-politics, health and nutrition, humanitarian issues, and animal welfare.
Jesús is an MBA graduate from Mexico, particularly interested in the intersection of sustainability, entrepreneurship, and business. He currently works in international trade and volunteers for one of the world’s largest youth networks, helping accelerate youth-led entrepreneurial solutions towards the Sustainable Development Goals. His research and writing experience comes from his time as a Research Assistant for Mexico's National Science and Technology Council.
Jordan is a Volunteer Research Writer who finds much joy in writing articles on the latest business trends and topics ranging from environmental preservation, climate change, to business ethics and government policymaking. One of his major hobbies is reading The Economist on the train while he commutes between home and work. He is also one of the founding members of Calcium, a start-up charity foundation in Hong Kong.
Jørgen is a lawyer and researcher specialising in energy and environmental law. He earned his LLM at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and first law degree at the University of Brussels, with a focus on Public International and European Union Law. His current research focuses on the relationship between international investment law and climate change mitigation.
Judy is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Hong Kong (HKU), pursuing English Literature and Communications. She is specifically interested in how information travels both in offline and online realms and hopes to further explore this in relation to science and environment related reports.
Julienne Carlos Raboca is a writer and editor currently completing the Erasmus Mundus Master's in Journalism, Media and Globalisation (2022-2024) as a European Commission scholar. She is graduating with a specialisation in Business & Innovation from City, University of London and a joint degree from Aarhus University Denmark and the Danish School of Media and Journalism (DMJX). Originally from the Philippines, Julienne spent more than 10 years in Hong Kong working in publishing and marketing communications across industry sectors from media and PR to wellness. From 2018 to 2019, she became an Atlas Corps fellow where she trained in Washington D.C. and New York as one of the cohort's international leaders in the non-profit sector. Julienne's work has appeared in Vice Media, U.S. News & World Report and Lifestyle Asia among others. She has also previously co-authored a book on the illegal wildlife trade with social enterprise and media platform Project C: Change.
Karina worked as the social media coordinator of Earth.Org. Studying Master of Arts in Creative Media at the City University of Hong Kong, she accumulated knowledge about media art and further developed her creativity. She holds a BA in Media and Communication at the University of Leicester and has special interests in social media and cultural studies. Karina aims to disseminate climate news to more people through social media in the future.
Karine Basso is the Global Head of Agricultural Value Chains at South Pole, with more than 15 years of experience supporting companies in their climate journey, defining their sustainability strategies and strengthening value chain sustainability practices.
Karolina Figas is an undergraduate at University College London (UCL) majoring in Geography. She was previously a contributing writer and an apprentice at a sustainable development organisation working in Central and East Indonesia. Her main areas of interest include tropical development, sustainability, epigenetics and psychology.
Keegan is a Space Science graduate from the University of Hong Kong. He also holds another Graduate degree in Geomatics and an Undergraduate degree in Geology. With an inclination to learn new facts, he has published research articles in international peer-reviewed journals. Passionate about oceanography, he likes to study the climate dynamics between the ocean, land and atmosphere. Broadly speaking, his interests revolve around geosciences, climate change, environmental policy and planetary science. He loves exchanging knowledge and opinions with others, and also believes that climate awareness is pivotal in today’s varying environment.
Khalid Raji is currently a DAAD Scholar and Postgraduate Student at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany. Born and raised in Nigeria, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Ilorin, Nigeria. His interests span across climate security, global governance, and sustainable development.
Kira Taylor is a freelance journalist, based in Brussels and specialising in European energy, climate and environment news.
Krishna Kumar is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cropin, an Agtech pioneer that has developed Cropin Cloud, the world's first industry cloud for agriculture. Krishna founded Cropin in 2010, long before the terms “agritech” or “agtech” became fashionable or were widely understood.
Lakshmi R B is a sustainability enthusiast based out of India. She graduated from Christ University, India with a master's degree in applied economics and currently works in credit risk management at a private international bank. She additionally runs an Instagram account (tales.and.tails) to promote environmental awareness using the art medium.
Laura is a freelance journalist focusing on solutions stories in the fields of sustainability, urban planning, and citizen participation. She holds a Master's degree from The University of Manchester in Global Urban Development and Planning. At parcitypatory.org, she blogs about SDG 11 for sustainable cities.


Lei is a student at Masaryk University pursuing her studies in Politics, Media, and Communication. With a strong passion for writing and journalism, she aspires to become a prolific writer in the field of social issues, particularly mental health and climate change. Currently, she is working as an Editor Assistant at IVolunteer International and Contributing Writer at Earth.Org.
Cherry is an undergraduate student studying English Studies, Linguistic and Journalism at the University of Hong Kong (HKU). She is an editorial contributor at Earth.Org and also a social media blogger. She is interested in animal issues and exploring the effectiveness of environmental policies.
Liam McGill is a student of MSc. Climate Change at the University of Copenhagen. He is a founding member of the communal energy systems start-up SuFu and the head of the United Nations Youth Association, Copenhagen branch.
Lily O'Mara is a writer and researcher based in London. She is due to graduate from a LLM in Gender and Law at SOAS, University of London, and works full time as a researcher for Green Party politicians in South London. She is particularly interested in the gendered nature of climate change, especially in the context of race, labour, migration, and animal justice. She is currently in Tunisia undertaking research for her dissertation on gender, agriculture and food insecurity.
Logan is a freelance writer with experience in ecology, climate science, and IT. She earned a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s degree in environmental science from Ohio State University. Logan aspires to build connections between humans and nature through environmental storytelling and science communication. She currently works as a wildland firefighter in the Pacific Northwest.
Luca Arfini is an Italian communication professional based in Amsterdam. He has a background in European studies and scientific communication. In addition to providing his services through Creative Tractus L.A., he is pursuing a part-time master's degree in Science Communication and Public Engagement.
Luísa Barreira is an Associate Professor of the Chemistry and Pharmacy Department of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the University of Algarve. She has a PhD in Environmental Sciences and Technologies and is currently a senior researcher at the Algarve Centre of Marine Sciences (CCMAR). Her research focuses on the search for natural products with biological activities in marine organisms as well as the production of biofuels and other bioproducts from microalgae.
Luvina is a relationship manager in the banking industry with a bachelor degree in economics and finance from the University of Hong Kong. With strong attachment to the community, she is committed to raising the awareness of plastic pollution, deforestation and climate change. She is a volunteer at the Earth.Org, focusing on the collaboration with conservation partners.
Manleen Dugal is an independent consultant (policy and law) on international environmental/climate change, trade and development policy matters. She has been an advisor to several WTO developing country members since 2004. Manleen has a Master’s degree in Environmental Law and Policy from Vermont Law School, a MSc in Development Economics from University of Manchester and a Masters in Trade Law and Economics from the World Trade Institute in Bern. Manleen is passionate about writing on environmental/climate change topics and conveying complex and multi-dimensional issues to a wider audience in an accessible manner.
Marco started his career as a public policy consultant in Southeast Asia, advising on political-economic issues and the Post-2015 Development Agenda for the UN and the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). He then ventured into the world of start-ups, entrepreneurship, and venture capital. He holds a B.A. in History and Classical Studies from Queen’s University in Canada and graduated with distinction from the London School of Economics with a MSc in Theory of International relations. He can be contacted at marco[at]earth.org.
Maria Angélica Mejía-Cáceres is a doctor in Health and Sciences Education from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She is member of the research group Languages and Media in Science and Health Education at the university. She is also a member of the research group Science, Education and Diversity and the research group Science, Actions, and Greeting at the Universidad del Valle in Colombia.
Mathias Agbo Jr is a Sustainability and Adaptation researcher and built-environment designer who writes about climate change, African architecture, and urbanism. He runs a design and sustainability, Climate Change research consultancy in Abuja, Nigeria. Twitter: @mathias_Agbojr. .
Matthew is based in Brooklyn, NY and is an advocate for housing and food insecurity policy in the United States. He is a volunteer with the New York Compost Project, and is also an aspiring filmmaker. He holds bachelor's degrees in mathematics and religious studies with honors from Stanford University.
Melissa is a freelance travel journalist and Communications Manager at The Reef-World Foundation. As a qualified scuba diver and member of the Reef-World team, Melissa is particularly passionate about marine conservation and sustainable travel. Her work has been published by the likes of Lonely Planet, MTV, Diver Magazine and more.
Michelle is currently pursuing a MSc in Biodiversity, Wildlife and Ecosystem Health at the University of Edinburgh. Prior to studying biodiversity and conservation, Michelle worked as a qualified lawyer of England and Wales, specialising in international law, public policy and human rights. Passionate about the environment, she is fascinated by how giant clams see using photoreceptors, how mangrove trees breathe with aerial roots, and how people can better coexist with nature and wildlife.
Natacha Rousseau is a green technology enthusiast and a lead contributor at KlimaDAO, A project that's tokenizing carbon credits and then allowing Web3 projects to offset their carbon emissions through those tokens.
Natalia Kolkowska is a linguist, a writer, and a huge bookworm hungry for new experiences and knowledge. She's vegan (for the planet and the animals), trying to live a sustainable lifestyle. She loves to explore new places, cultures, and customs. She's passionate about helping others grow and hopes her work will make a positive impact on the world.
Nicholas Pusic completed his undergraduate degree in Philosophy from the University of British Columbia and is pursuing a master's in Data Science & Digital Marketing from EM Lyon. He is currently working in marketing and as a freelance writer specializing in B2B, Tech, and SaaS. He is interested in climate justice, sustainability, and the role of public policy in environmental conservation.
Nicole Tang is a student in McGill University, studying Environment, Development and Economics. Her favourite areas of sustainability are green economy, waste management and sustainable food consumption and production. She can be contacted at nicole.tang[at]earth.org.
Oliver is a consultant based in Denmark with an interest in the intersection of business and environment, of which, he has a focus on technology and innovation, supporting sustainability focussed SME's reach market. Furthermore, he advises a GHG Accounting Consulting firm and has previously held a multitude of different environmental service roles, including green impact invest and other consulting roles focused on cleantech innovation. His ambition is based on his passion for solutions, specifically green energy, that disrupt the status quo, connect and empower more conscious decision-makers in order to prevent the degradation of natural resources and improve the lives of the global population with the environment as a focus of action. He has attained an MSc in International Business of UPF in Barcelona and holds a BA in History of Goldsmiths, University of London.
Olivia is a journalist and editor based in Hong Kong with previous experience covering politics, art and culture. She is passionate about wildlife and ocean conservation, with a keen interest in climate diplomacy. She’s also a graduate of University of Edinburgh in International Relations with a Master’s degree from The University of Hong Kong in Journalism. Olivia was the former Managing Editor at Earth.Org.
Owen Mulhern is a biologist with a specialisation in image analysis and a passion for satellite imaging. His previous work involved 3 dimensional brain reconstructions developing new algorithms for image processing. He is now focused on bringing powerful visualisations of the current state of our climate to life as Data Science Team Lead.
Pascal conducted his PhD at the Institute for Economy and the Environment at the University of St.Gallen, Switzerland. His research area was around the topic of social acceptance of renewable energies and electric mobility - where he investigated different drivers and barriers for social acceptance are and how they could be influenced by policies. In addition to his PhD, Pascal was also politically active as a member of the state parliament as well as a member of the city government in his hometown - in his role as a politician, too, he was passionate about advancing the energy transition. Currently, he works as a Programme Manager for the Global Institute for Tomorrow, an independent and internationally-recognised think tank based in Hong Kong.
Prabhat Labh is CEO, Grameen Foundation India, and has worked in livelihoods, financial inclusion and enterprise development. Prior to this, he worked at MasterCard Foundation, Canada Sourajit Aiyer is Consultant with South Asia Fast Track Sustainability Communications. He has worked with both traditional & sustainable finance organisations.
Prateek Malhotra is currently pursuing an MSc in Environmental Management at the University of Hong Kong (HKU). Previously, he has worked with UNDP India as an Environment and Energy Consultant. His interests include biodiversity conservation, green innovation, waste treatment, sustainable development and working towards a circular economy. He can be contacted at prateek.malhotra[at]earth.org
Praveen Pankajakshan is the Vice President, Data Science & AI at Cropin, an Agtech pioneer that has developed Cropin Cloud, the world's first industry cloud for agriculture. He has more than 20 years of experience in the areas of signal and image processing, pattern recognition, and machine learning in a variety of domains including agriculture, energy, power and utilities, life sciences, and healthcare.
Praveena is the chief science and technology officer of the Save Soil movement. She has a master's in Environment Engineering and is a public policy expert. She has been working in the environmental sector for over 15 years. Over the years, she has worked on projects to deliver sustainable drinking water and sanitation, agriculture, and farmer welfare.
Professor Mohammed Khaja Qutubuddin is a faculty member at ICBM SBE in Hyderabad, India, where he has been teaching postgraduate students about Sustainability and Business Ethics for 15 years. Through his extensive experience in teaching, he has gained a deep understanding of the crucial role that sustainability and ethical behaviour play in modern business practices. He is passionate about educating his students on the importance of environmentally sustainable business practices, as well as the ethical considerations that must be taken into account in decision-making. His expertise in these areas has made him a valuable resource for companies seeking to implement more responsible business practices. Overall, his commitment to sustainability and ethics in business has made him a respected authority in his field.
Rahoof currently works as fact-check reporter at Agence France-Presse (AFP) in Hong Kong. An award-winning journalist, Rahoof served as the Editor of Earth.Org for six months before joining AFP. He has worked with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Centre for Journalists (ICFJ) on special journalism projects. He has won national and international journalism awards for his work in India and Hong Kong. He can be contacted at rahoof[at]earth.org.
Raman is an undergraduate student studying English Studies and Economics at the University of Hong Kong. She is an editorial contributor at Earth.Org. She is interested in the role of public policy and governance in environmental protection and climate change.
Ramani is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Global Public Policy at Central European University and Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals. She holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies. She is interested in the role of public policy in the matters of food security, climate change, sustainability, education and women’s rights.
Marketing strategist and writer Rebecca Leigh works at both ukwritings.com and academized.com. Rebecca attends marketing conferences, directs businesses and writes online articles on sites such as oxessays.com.
Rebecca Pool is a freelance science and technology journalist with a doctorate in materials science. She has published in numerous scitech titles, and is equally at home writing about artificial intelligence, exoplanets or the environment.
Richard Pallardy is a freelance science writer based in Chicago. He has written for such publications as National Geographic, Science Magazine, New Scientist, and many others.


Dr. Rod Coogan is an agri-food expert at PA Consulting. He is a Horticultural and Food Scientist with over 30 years’ experience in product and process innovation and development with broad skills and experience throughout agri-food supply chains, from farm to plate. His experience ranges throughout agri-food supply chains from evaluating regenerative agriculture systems in East Africa and developing carbon reduction techniques and technologies in fruit production systems through to developing new technologies, processes, and products with clients in a wide range of food categories including meat, cereals, beverages, confectionary, ready-meals, pasta, plant-based meat analogue technologies and dairy in Australia, UK, Japan, Korea, Canada, and the US. He now leads the Agri-food capability at PA Consulting.
Rozina is the Content Director of Recycle Technologies, a recycler of fluorescent lamps and e-waste with a Midwest foundation that provides a wide range of services and can schedule local commercial pickups or accept home drop-offs thanks to their certified facilities in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Additionally, Recycle Technologies can serve consumers throughout the nation through its mail-in program. Most significantly, their Certificate of Recycling gives our consumers peace of mind. 
Currently working for Asia Tatler, Samantha Topp was previously a reporter and photographer for the National Geographic grant project: The Hong Kong Explorers Initiative and Hong Kong Tatler Magazine, covering current affairs, politics and environmental issues. She can be contacted at samantha[at]earth.org.
Samantha Barbara Yih is a media student majoring in public relations and social media, and a freelance journalist. Having experience with public relations consulting to NGOs based in the Philippines and India, she wishes to continue to explore the use of social media in furthering the goals of other not-for-profit organisations to bring change to the world. She can be contacted at samantha.yih[at]earth.org.
Sammy Witchalls has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science after studying at Lancaster University, UK and Monash University, Australia. Having previously worked for the Carbon Disclosure Project he is now working as an Urban Ranger where he restores river valleys in Manchester, UK. His main area of interest lies in exploring the intrinsic and instrumental value that nature possesses.
Sampriti has a strong background in art and design. She has helped multiple companies reach their visual potential with her multimedia production skills. She is now the Social Media Coordinator at Earth.Org where she creates engaging content for thousands of followers across our different platforms.
Sandra is an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Business Economics and Sustainability at the City University of Hong Kong. She was awarded the King Constantine Medal for her outstanding efforts in service work within her local and school community during her time in the Middle East. Her passion for people and the environment continues to push her to work in different NGOs across Asia. She can be contacted at sandra[at]earth.org.
Sandro Iannaccone is a physicist and a science writer. He writes about environment, energy, health, and space-related topics. He also teaches science journalism at the Sapienza University of Rome.
Sandy has profound experience in various functions in the finance industry including investment banking, commercial banking, and retail banking. Her passion in special education is initiated by the volunteer work experiences in a number of NGOs in Hong Kong and she is eager to pursue a career switch, hoping to have a more influential impact on individuals with special education needs. She completed two master courses in Linguistics and Applied Behavior Analysis with the University of Hong Kong and Endicott College respectively, in addition to the MBA with London Business School obtained earlier.
Sara Hupp is an emerging writer and advocate for environmental awareness. A graduate of Big Bend Community College, she is currently pursuing her next degree in Social Sciences at Central Washington University. Persistent to a fault, Sara aims inspire change by effectively communicating the urgency of environmental issues. Her journey as an environmental advocate began at Big Bend Community College, where she co-founded the institution's first environmental club. As she continues her academic journey and writing pursuits, Sara aims to create a lasting impact by shedding light on important issues.
Sarah McInerney manages the Biomimicry Institute’s Ray of Hope Prize Program, identifying, supporting, and accelerating the world’s most promising nature-inspired startups to address humanity's biggest environmental and social challenges. Traditionally trained as a zoologist and educator, Sarah completed her PhD in Integrated Bioscience focusing on the potential of biomimicry to advance the narrative of corporate sustainability through design and behaviour. Through this work she has provided professional biomimicry education and innovation services for a variety of audiences from Fortune 500 companies to K-12 institutions within academic, corporate, and natural settings.
Scott Aloysius studied Environmental Biology at the National University of Singapore. His research interests include ecology, conservation, and wildlife trade. He is an editorial contributor for Earth.Org and BirdLife International.
Sehyun is a final-year student at the City University of Hong Kong, majoring in Media and Communications. She is Earth.Org's Social Media Intern.
Tina is an Advisor at Earth.Org with extensive experience in strategy, business development, operations, and digital transformation. She previously worked in M&A at a Big 4 consultancy firm, held various roles at a US bank, and led a business development team whilst planning the growth strategy at a Hong Kong unicorn. Tina is committed to contributing her skills to social impact initiatives and has also worked as a fundraiser advisor for Mind HK.
Tristan is an International Studies and Chinese graduate of DePaul University. He has experience researching the impacts of humanity's relationship with the environment, and how states can successfully implement strategies for sustainable development. As Policy and Economics Editor, his current interests revolve around the developmental policies that can reconcile equitable economic growth with pathways to a net-zero future.
Vanessa is an undergraduate student at the Wharton school of the University of Pennsylvania. With intended concentrations in Environmental Policy and Marketing and Operations management, she is interested in the intersection of corporate and environmental interests. She strongly believes in using business skills as a force for positive environmental change. Vanessa can be reached at vanessa.liew[at]earth.org.
Wong Hong is a student of M.Sc. in Geomatics. He holds an undergraduate degree in Environmental and Resource Management. He is interested in environmental sciences, human-environmental interactions, as well as data analysis and visualization. He is passionate in using different tools to perform analysis and visualization.
Xinyu is an undergraduate student studying Statistics and Biological Sciences at the University of Hong Kong. She is interested in drilling implications from earth observations using cutting edge big data technologies. She can be contacted at xinyu.lu[at]earth.org.
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