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EDITORIAL – Invest in Independent Environmental Journalism on Earth Day

by Martina IginiApr 22nd 20243 mins
EDITORIAL – Invest in Independent Environmental Journalism on Earth Day

This Earth Day, as we stand on the brink of a planetary emergency, we invite our readers to join us in a crucial endeavor: supporting Earth.Org’s independent, non-profit environmental journalism.

At a time when vested interests, corporations, and even governments spread climate misinformation and engage in greenwashing, the need for accurate information becomes the first battle in the fight against the climate crisis.

It is only through independent, impartial, trusted journalism that we can uncover the truth. But Earth.Org needs your support to continue this vital work.

Earth.org is a registered charity run by a small, dedicated team on a shoestring budget in Hong Kong. We are committed to delivering timely reporting, original features, and insightful interviews on the most critical topics facing our planet. 

At a time when qualified voices are being drowned out by climate denialists, we strive to spotlight climate scientists, conservation NGOs, ethnic minorities, indigenous peoples, and climate movements.

Free-To-Access, Trusted, Original Climate Reporting 

We collaborate with dozens of NGO partners, amplifying their voices through our NGO Newswire to provide stories from the frontlines of climate change and conservation. Meanwhile, our network of professional photographers help us document the crisis through powerful images. And through Kids.Earth.Org, we strive to educate younger generations on the climate crisis, provide material for parents and educators, and work directly with schools from around the world to raise awareness and promote environmental education. 

Over the past month alone, we have published exclusive interviews with Prof. Johan Rockström, one of the leading voices of Earth science, and representatives from the Fridays for Future US chapter about their global strike to demand climate action and justice for all. We have reported on the impact that rising temperatures and greenhouse gas emissions are having on critical ecosystems such as the Amazon Rainforest and Australia’s iconic Great Barrier Reef. And we have showcased exclusive photographic reporting from Antarctica, where an unprecedented outbreak of avian flu is decimating seal populations, and Rwanda, as we documented the last remaining Mountain Gorillas. 

We are also looking at how climate change is shaping elections around the world in what has been dubbed “a pivotal year for democracy,” and have scrutinized candidates’ green agendas from Pakistan to the United Kingdom.

Last week, we covered the landmark victory of a group of Swiss elderly women at the European Court of Human Rights and we are closely following other key climate litigation cases that have the potential to change the course of climate justice forever.

We have also been following developments in climate finance, monitoring the progress on the operationalization of the Loss and Damage fund since its historic establishment at COP27.

We couldn’t do all this without our readers’ support.

Safeguard Trusted Climate Journalism, Keep Earth.Org Free for All

While attracting up to a million viewers each month, only a very small fraction supports us financially. And it is exactly the support of a small circle of donors that enables us to keep Earth.Org freely accessible to anyone who seeks reliable environmental information.

This Earth Day, consider making a one-off or monthly donation. By becoming our Patron, you empower us to invest in long-term, trusted journalism during this critical time. Journalism is expensive, but supporting us needn’t be. For the price of a weekly coffee, you can join us in the fight against greenwashing and climate denialism.

Donate today and be a part of the solution. Your contribution will directly finance our operations and support our expansion.

Happy Earth Day!

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About the Author

Martina Igini

Martina is an Italian journalist and editor living in Hong Kong with experience in climate change reporting and sustainability. She is currently the Managing Editor at Earth.Org and Kids.Earth.Org. Before moving to Asia, she worked in Vienna at the United Nations Global Communication Department and in Italy as a reporter at a local newspaper. She holds two BA degrees, in Translation/Interpreting Studies and Journalism, and an MA in International Development from the University of Vienna.

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